What Is The Full Form Of SCERT In Education?

Full-FormState Council of Educational Research and Training

The full form of SCERT is State Council of Educational Research and Training. It is an autonomous body of the government of Delhi set up in 1988. SCERT was proposed by National Policy on Education (NPE) for guidance, admission, course management and pre-service training programme for teachers. It has contributed significantly to education over the past two decades. It also regulates two-year diploma courses for elementary teacher education.

SCERT currently supervises 9 District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET), 30 private institutes offering a two-year diploma program in early childhood care and education as well as 21 private institutes offering an elementary teacher education program. Additionally, it provides study materials both for students and for teachers. Recently, it launched the Entrepreneurship Mindset curriculum to promote entrepreneurship in schools.

Objectives of SCERT

  • Organizing the projects sponsored by the NCERT and UNICEF.
  • Creating academic calendars for schools.
  • Creating educational materials for teachers.
  • Conducting teacher training programs.
  • Making changes to the curriculum and textbooks.

Departments of SCERT

  • Department of Pre-School and Elementary Education
  •  Department of Examination Reform and Guidance
  • Department of Art and Aesthetic Education.
  • Department of Science and Mathematics Education
  • Department of Non-formal Education
  • Department of Educational Technology
  • Department of Adult and Non-formal Education
  • Department of Teacher and In-service Education

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