What is the full form of ok?

ok full form – olla kalla or oll korrect

What is the full form of ok

OK is a term used in everyday life. It is used by everyone whether if someone is literate or illiterate. Basically, ok is an English word originally an American English word.

OK is mostly used as a sign of approval, acceptance, etc.

It has been described as the most widely spoken and written word in the world.

So, now many will wonder what is the full form of the word ok in English.

Here is your answer – the full form of ok is olla Kalla or Oll Korrect which means all correct.

There are some other full form of ok –

OK – Objection Killed – it refers that the person has no objection.

OK – All Correct – everything is correct/fine.

Uses of OK –

  1. As a comment, OK basically means “adequate” or “acceptable”
  2. it can also mean “average” when used in contrast to “good”
  3. It can mean “consent” when used as a noun
  4. Well, as a comment, it can express its approval without permission

Uses of OK in different countries –

  1. In countries like Brazil and Mexico it is pronounced same as in English.
  2. In Germany it is spelled as ok or okay.
  3. In India it is same as in English.

OK history –

Allen Walker Read points to the very first use of O.K. published in 1839, in the March 23 issue of the Boston Morning Post.

OKuses in social media –

In recent times, and with the enormous growth of social media platforms ok has been given a lot of forms.  some of them are, uses of OK as, k, kk, or oka mostly used in the chats and messages(SMS).

Their contains a lot of emojis reflecting the OK sign, some of them are shown ahead

The hand gesture of ok –

A motion showing the forefinger and thumb contacting to make an open circle. Addresses “I’m OK” or that is right/acceptable”.

Synonyms of ok-

OK is an acronym and there are a lot of synonyms of OK, the most popular is All right

Right, right then, very well, very good, fine, agreed, achcha, oke, okey-doke

 Achcha the synonym of OK is a Hindi word widely used in India.

Variation of ok –

  1. Okeh or okay – used as an alternative in English.
  2. K or kk – used in chatting.
  3. A-OK – technical- sounding variation popularized by nasa.
  4. Ookoo – used in finland, but prounced as same as in English.
  5. Okey – used in Russian, Spanish languages

We hope that you have got the answer to your query if you have any queries regarding any acronym just comment it down below we’ll reach you and solve your query as soon as possible.

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