CNF Full Form, What Is The Full Form Of CNF In Railways?

CNF Full Form – You must have traveled by trains and you will also be familiar with train reservation. You must have seen the word CNF written on your railway ticket, but do you know its meaning? What is the full form of CNF, if not then don’t worry, in this article we will discuss the full form of CNF, and the meaning of CNF in Railway.

CNF Full Form

CNF Full Form In Railways

cnf full form in railways

The full form of CNF is Confirmed Ticket, it means you have been allotted a seat and are ready to go. For example, if you book a train ticket and your ticket status is CNF it means that one berth (seat) has been confirmed for your journey.

CNF also states that your RAC or WL or unconfirmed ticket has been confirmed and you can travel by the train.

Other CNF Full Form

CNFScienceCarbon Nanofiber
CNFReportCanadian Nutrient File
CNFMiscellaneousCrunchy Normal Form
CNFEducationCanadian Nurses Foundation
CNFOrganizationChild Neurology Foundation
CNFTechnologyCornell NanoScale Facility
CNFForestCleveland National Forest
CNFOtherConjunctive Normal Form
CNFOrganizationCaucasus Nature Fund

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