Vijayanagara Empire MCQ questions with answers

Welcome to the Vijayanagara Empire MCQ section of our website. Vijayanagara Empire was one of the famous empires that nourished between the 14th to 16th centuries. Here in this article, we have provided MCQ questions related to Vijayanagara Empire.

Vijayanagara Empire MCQ questions

  1. who were the founders of vijayanagara empire?
    a. Colin Mckenzie
    b. Harihara and Bukka
    c. Tuluvas
    d. Raja Krishnadeva Raya

b. Harihara and Bukka
Explaination – The two brothers Harihara And Bukka founded the vijayanagara empire in 14th century.

  1. in which year the empire was founded?
    a. 1336
    b. 1436
    c. 1339
    d. 1332

a. 1336
Explaination – The vijayanagara empire was founded in 1336 by two brothers Harihara and Bukka.

  1. one of the most famous ruler of vijayanagara empire?
    a. Rama Raya
    b. Amara Nayaka
    c. Araividu
    d. Raja Krishnadeva Raya

d. Raja Krishnadeva Raya
Explaination – The most famous ruler of the empire expanded and consolidated the empire.

  1. what was the capital of vijayanagara empire?
    a. Hampi
    b. Chidambram
    c. Naglapuram
    d. Gopuram

a. Hampi
Explaination – Hampi is the capital of the empire. in present designated as the world heritage site.

  1. which was the first ruling dynasty of the empire?
    a. Tuluva dynasty
    b. Saluva dynasty
    c. Sangama dynasty
    d. Aravidu dynasty

c. Sangama dynasty
Explaination – Sangama Dynasty the first known dynasty to rule on the Vijayanagara.

  1. Krishnadeva Raya belonged to which dynasty?
    a. Aravidu dyansty
    b. Sangama dynasty
    c. Saluvas dynasty
    d. Tuluva dynasty

d. Tuluva dynasty
Explaination – The third ruling dynasty of the empire ruled till 1542. Krishnadeva Raya Belonged to tuluva dynasty.

  1. What were local merchants called?
    a. Kudirai Chettis
    b. Narapati
    c. Yavana
    d. Gajapati

a. Kudirai Chettis
Explaination – The local communities odf merchants was known as ‘Kudirai Chettis’.

  1. Who were Amara-Nayakas in Vijayanagara?
    a. Chiefs
    b. Gajapati
    c. Military Commanders
    d. Rayas

c. Military Commanders
Explaination – Military Commanders were called ‘Amara-Nayakas’ who were governed by the kings.

  1. On which river basin the Empire is located?
    a. Kaveri basin
    b. Tungabhadra basin
    c. Mahanadi basin
    d. Tapi basin

b. Tungabhadra basin
Explaination – The most spectacular feature of the empire that it is located on the banks of Tungabhadra river.

  1. In which year Krishnadeva Raya died?
    a. 1540
    b. 1629
    c. 1529
    d. 1535

c. 1529
Explaination – The ruler Krishnadeva Raya died in the year ‘1529’.

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