TC Full Form, What Does TC Stand For?

tc full form

1) TC – Transfer Certificate

The full form of TC is Transfer Certificate. It is an official document signed by the institution’s principal or head. The document indicates that a student can leave and enroll in another educational institution. Sometimes a Transfer Certificate is also called a Leaving Certificate.

2) TC – Ticket Collector

The full form of TC is Ticket Collector. He is a railway officer who checks whether the passengers have valid tickets to travel by train. If anyone is found traveling without a ticket, he has the right to impose a fine. A Ticket Collector is also called Travelling Ticket Examiner or Traveling Ticket Inspector.

3) TC – Take Care

The full form of TC is Take Care. It is a popular abbreviation used in social media platforms and chatting. Often used at the end of a conversation, TC is another way to say goodbye. For example: “Bye! Take care.”

Other TC Full Form

TCInternetTake Care
TCMedicalTesticular Cancer
TCComputingTuring Complete
TCGeneralTropical Cyclone
TCSportsTotal Chances
TCLanguageTotal Communication
TCEconomicsTotal Cost
TCBiologyTotal Cholesterol
TCProfessionTicket Collector
TCEducationTrinity College
TCPersonTony Currie
TCPlaceTraverse City
TCScienceConvective Temperature
TCFilmTop Cat
TCEducationTransfer Certificate

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