What Is The Full Form Of RTA? – Full Form

rta full form
Full-FormRoad Traffic Accident
CategoryTransport | Accident

The full form of RTA is Road Traffic Accident. RTAs are accidents caused by motor vehicles colliding with each other or with an object or an animal. Over speeding and drunk driving are two of the most common causes of these accidents. In 2013, more than one million people were estimated to have lost their lives due to road accidents.

Other RTA Full Form

RTAAccidentRoad Traffic Accident
RTAMilitaryRoyal Thai Army
RTATravelRiverside Transit Agency
RTAIndustryRetread Tire Association
RTAGovernmentRegional Trade Agreement
RTAIndustryRetread Tire Association
RTAAerospaceRegional Transport Aircraft
RTAFinanceRegional Transportation Authority
RTAMiscellaneousRestricted To Adults
RTAEquipmentRebuildable Tank Atomizers
RTABusinessResident Technical Assistant
RTAAgencyRoad & Traffic Authority
RTAMiscellaneousResident Twinning Advisor
RTAFurnitureReady To Assemble
RTAScienceReverse Transcriptase Assay
RTAMiscellaneousReal-Time Analytics
RTATransportRegional Transportation Alliance
RTASchemesRed Tractor Assurance
RTAOrganizationRace Team Alliance
RTAAssociationRailway Tie Association
RTAInternetRed Team Automation
RTAChemistryRubidium Titanyl Arsenate
RTAMachineRear Trailing Arm
RTAMiscellaneousRemote Transaction Assist
RTAGameReal-Time Attack
RTAAssociationRight Tossers Association
RTAMiscellaneousReady To Apply
RTAMediaRadio Television Afghanistan
RTATechnologyReal-Time Analyzer
RTAMedicalRenal Tubular Acidosis

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