RDO Full Form

Full-FormRevenue Divisional Officer
CategoryGovernment | Service

The full form of RDO is Revenue Divisional Officer. A RDO is the head of the Revenue Division and is responsible for the financial and administrative functions in his area.

Other RDO Full Form

RDOGovernmentRevenue Divisional Officer
RDOTechnologyRemote Data Objects
RDOGovernmentRevenue District Office
RDOGameRed Dead Online
RDOCodeRadom Airport
RDOGovernmentRural Development Organisation
RDODataRelativity Dynamic Object
RDOMiscellaneousRegular Day Off
RDOOfficeResource Development Office
RDOGovernmentRegional Disaster Office
RDOComputingRaster Document Object
RDOProgramRate Distortion Optimization
RDOServiceReno Drain Oil
RDOGovernmentRural Development Officer
RDOPoliticsRegular Democratic Organization
RDOMiscellaneousRapid Decisive Operation

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