RCA Full Form, What Does RCA mean?

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rca full form

RCA Full Form

RCA – Root Cause Analysis

Used in industries such as medical, healthcare, IT the Root Cause Analysis is a method used to identify the causes of errors and faults. it is a process by which actions are taken to prevent problems from occurring again and again.

RCA Full Form In Cricket

RCA – Rajasthan Cricket Association

Full-FormRajasthan Cricket Association
CategorySports | Cricket
PresidentVaibhav Gehlot

The Rajasthan Cricket Association based in Jaipur is the regulator and supervises the Rajasthan cricket team. RCA was established in 1931 and was earlier called Rajputana Cricket Association. It is also the official selector of the Rajasthan team for national-level tournaments. Presently Vaibhav Gehlot is working as the President of the Association.

rCA full form in medical

RCA – Right Coronary Artery

The full form of RCA in medical is “Right Coronary Artery” which is an artery located in the heart which supplies the oxygenated blood to the right atrium and right ventricle.

rCA full form in Company

RCA – Radio Corporation of America

Full-FormRadio Corporation of America
FoundedOctober 17, 1919
FounderOwen D. Young

RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America, was an electronics company founded by Owen D. Young in 1919. Currently, it is a trademark company Which is owned by Technicolor SA. RCA was also the inventor of the first nationwide US radio network. David Sarnoff was the first general manager and became president in 1930.

rCA full form cable

Full-FormRCA Connector
InventedIn 1930
Invented ByRadio Corporation of America

An RCA connector is a type of connector designed by the Radio Corporation of America that is used to deliver a signal. This device is also called a phono connector.

Other RCA Full Forms

RCANetworkingRoot Cause Analysis
RCAMedicalRight Coronary Artery
RCASportsRaja Club Athletic
RCALegalRiot Control Agent
RCAThailandRoyal City Avenue
RCAManagementResource Consumption Accounting
RCAUncategorizedRipple Carry Adder
RCACompanyRadio Corporation of America
RCAServiceReactor Controls Assistant
RCAProgramRefugee Cash Assistance
RCAMedicalRolling Circle Amplification
RCACricketRajasthan Cricket Association
RCAComputerReasonable Cause Assistant
RCACompanyRetailers Credit Association
RCASportsRwanda Cricket Association
RCASchoolRaleigh Christian Academy
RCAMathRecursive Comprehension Axiom
RCACommunityResearch Chefs Association
RCAMilitaryRoyal Canadian Artillery
RCAUniversityRoyal College of Art

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