PSI Full Form | What Does PSI Stand For?

(i) PSI – Police Sub Inspector

psi full form in police

The full form of PSI is Police Sub Inspector. A PSI ranks higher than an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) and lower than an Inspector. As per the police rules and regulations, he is the lowest ranking officer who can file a charge sheet in court. Insignia for PSIs consists of two stars with red and blue striped ribbons at the end of the shoulder straps. Staff Selection Commission is responsible for recruiting Police Sub Inspectors in central police forces such as SSB, CISF, and BSF. A police sub inspector is also called a Sub Inspector (SI).

(ii) PSI – Pound per Square Inch

psi full form in pressure

The full form of PSI is Pound per Square Inch. Basically, it is the pressure generated by the force of one pound of force applied to one square inch of area. It is a unit of pressure. 1 pound per square inch equals 6894.76 (6895 approx.) pascals. PSI is also called Pound-Force per Square Inch.

Other PSI Full Form

PSISciencePound per Square Inch
PSIMiscellaneousPopulation Stability Index
PSIGovernmentPublic Sector Information
PSIEducationPechersk School International
PSICharityParanormal Site Investigators
PSIMedicalPneumonia Severity Index
PSIComputingProgram Specific Information
PSIMiscellaneousPresent Serviceability Index
PSICompanyPrudential Securities Incorporated
PSIOrganizationPopulation Services International
PSIMilitaryPermanent Staff Instructor
PSIEconomicsPrivate Sector Involvement
PSIGovernmentProliferation Security Initiative
PSIEducationPlanetary Science Institute
PSIPolicePolice Sub Inspector

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