POD Full Form – What Does POD Mean?

pod full form

The full form of POD is Proof of Delivery. The term POD, as its name suggests, is proof that the articles have been delivered to the recipient. The recipient needs to sign a paper as proof that he has received the article. The POD contains the name, address, the signature of the recipient along with the date and time of delivery.

Other POD Full Form

PODOrganizationPeace One Day
PODMiscellaneousPower On Demand
PODServicePoint Of Difference
PODDrawingPackage Outline Drawing
PODEducation Plan, Observe, and Debrief
PODMedical Physiologically Optimized Dosimeter
PODCountryPort Of Departure
PODPaymentPay On Delivery
PODNASAPayload Operations Director
PODLegalProof Of Delivery
PODLanguagePlain Old Documentation
PODInitiativePartners On Dwelling
PODNetworkingPoint Of Delivery
PODMedicalPatient’s Own Drugs
PODBusinessPrint On Demand
PODCargoPort Of Disharge
PODCommunityPortobello Open Door
PODEntertainmentPick Of Destiny
PODMiscellaneousPersonal Overhaul Device
PODComputerPlain Old Data

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