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pds full form

The full form of PDS is Public Distribution System. It is a system in India which provides food grains and items at subsidized rates to those belonging to the economical backward classes. The PDS system was initiated by the Government of India under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. In 1945, it was started, and in 1947, it took its current form. The Food Corporation of India is responsible for the management of PDS.

The items are distributed through ration shops, also known as fair price shops, to the beneficiaries. According to the census of 2011 there are more than 5 lakh fair price shops or ration shops across the country. In this system, families below the poverty line (BPL) receive 35kg of wheat or rice a month, while those above the poverty line (APL) receive 15kg. Major items food and non food, include wheat, sugar, rice, and fuel such as kerosene etc.  

Other PDS Full Form

PDSMedicalPigment Dispersion Syndrome
PDSSciencePlanetary Data System
PDSPoliticsParty of Democratic Socialism
PDSGovernmentProtective Distribution System
PDSEducationPresbyterian Day School
PDSComputingPassive Data Structure
PDSMedicalParoxysmal Depolarizing Shift
PDSMiscellaneousParticularly Dangerous Situation
PDSMilitaryPermanent Duty Station
PDSEducationPatumwan Demonstration School
PDSBankingPrimary Dealer System
PDSComputingProcessor Direct Slot
PDSGamePanzer Dragoon Saga
PDSEducationPrinceton Day School
PDSGovernmentPublic Distribution System

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