OTT Full Form, Meaning, Famous OTT Platforms

OTT is a new phenomenon whose demand is on the rise. In this article, we will discuss every aspect and question you may have regarding OTT platforms. This includes the full form of OTT, the meaning of OTT, the famous OTT platforms in India, and how to access them. 

ott full form

OTT full form – Over The Top

What is OTT

As mentioned above, OTT stands for ‘Over The Top’.   OTT is a media service that delivers content to consumers over the Internet. To put it simply, OTT is a platform that lets viewers watch movies, web series, and television shows. The OTT platforms offer both free and paid services. However, the free services have some restrictions and only a limited amount of content is available for free viewing. Therefore, if you want to watch the latest movies and web series, you have to pay a certain amount of money, which is called as subscription. Below, we will show you how to purchase subscriptions for OTT platforms.

Top OTT platforms

There are a lot of OTT platforms available in the market but we’re gonna tell you the most famous OTT platforms available in India.

 Amazon Prime
Probably the most famous OTT platform in India, provided by Amazon LLC. Amazon Prime was launched in 2016 in India.

An American-based Over The Top platform providing Videos on Demand in different languages.

 Disney+ Hotstar
Another famous OTT platform owned by Star India, most famous for providing cricket matches with movies and series.

 Sony Liv
Launched in 2013 Sony Liv is currently Owned by Sony Pictures Networks India. It is available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and other languages.

 Zee 5
Owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises which was launched in February 2018 in India. This platform is currently available on Android, IOS, and other smart devices.

 Other OTT Platforms
Other OTT platforms available in India are Eros Now, Voot Select, and Alt Balaji.

Types of OTT content

OTT Video – These are video streaming services that provide content like movies, television shows, and web series. For example, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar, etc.

⇢ OTT Television – OTT Television, also referred to as internet television. What makes it different from traditional television is that in OTT the signal is received from internet services in contrast to signals received from satellites and broadcasters. For example, firesticks, dongles, etc.

⇢ OTT Voice Calling – includes calling services that use internet connections such as wifi or mobile networks, For example, Skype, WhatsApp. These services are used to enhance the existing call services provided by mobile phone operators and to make cheaper voice calls over the internet.

⇢ OTT Messaging – They are defined as third-party messaging services rather than the mobile network provider (SIM). They act as an alternative to text messaging. WhatsApp is one of the most prominent examples as most of us have and are using WhatsApp as an instant messaging service. Other examples include telegram, hike, WeChat, etc.

⇢ OTT Audio – It refers to the services which deliver audio content like music, songs, podcasts to their users which can be accessed through an internet connection. For example, Spotify.

Is YouTube an OTT?

I’m sure you’re wondering if YouTube is an OTT platform because all of these services are also provided by YouTube. The answer is yes, YouTube is also an OTT platform.

How to Access OTT Platforms

OTT platforms can be accessed on mobile phones, laptops via the internet. To use OTT services, follow the steps outlined below. (Most of the platforms can be accessed by these steps)

Step 1 – If using a mobile phone download the desired OTT platform app from the play store on android mobiles or from the app store on Apple devices.

Step 2 – After installation, sign up with your email/phone number. 

Step 3 – Now choose the Subscription plan according to your choice i.e. they offer monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Step 4 – To purchase their subscriptions you have to pay online, and you can choose from a variety of payment methods, such as net banking, etc. Pay as your comfort.

Step 5 – Once you have successfully paid for the subscription, you can now enjoy and watch the shows you want.

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Why OTT platforms are Famous

⇢ OTT platforms offer a variety of content in one place, such as movies, web series, tv shows, sports, and many others.
⇢ OTT platforms can be accessed from anywhere, so you don’t have to go anywhere to watch your favorite movies and shows.
⇢ They are cheaper than cable TV services.

Facts about OTT

  • The first OTT platform in India is BigFlix.
  • Currently there are more than 40 over the top services available in India.
  • India’s first OTT platform was launched in 2008 by Reliance Entertainment.
  • The first Indian OTT app was launched by Digivine in 2010 named NexGTv, which provided live TV as well as OTT content.
  • The most subscribed OTT platform in India is Disney + Hotstar.
  • In India, the OTT market is worth more than Rs. 100 billion (approx).
Q. What is the full form of OTT?

ans. Over The Top

Q. What is OTT?

ans. OTT is a type of platform which shows videos on demand, movies, web series, and other shows to their viewers.

Q. Is YouTube an OTT Platform?

ans. Yes, You Tube is also an OTT platform as it provides all the features of OTT, like shows. series and entertainment-related content.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Over The Top services. Thanks for reading our post on OTT full form. Please comment down below if you have any suggestions or if you want to know the full form of an acronym. We’ll reach you as soon as possible.


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