OST Full Form, What Does OST Mean?

OST Full-Form – If you are looking for the full form of OST then you are at the right place, here in this article we will be discussing OST, its full form, the meaning of OST, and detailed information in different categories.

ost full form

OST Full Form

OST – Original Soundtrack

Original soundtrack or OST is a pre-recorded record (music) that plays along with moving pictures, games or drama. The soundtrack was first appeared in the year 1929 & The first commercial soundtrack was Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs soundtrack, which was launched in 1937.

oST full form in medical

OST – Opioid Substitution Therapy

Opioid substitution therapy is given to individuals addicted to opioids. The drug buprenorphine is commonly used to treat. It is a therapy or treatment in which opioid-dependent drug users are given opioid agonist medication over a long period of time under medical surveillance.

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oST full form in outlook

OST – Offline Storage Table

Offline Storage table is a file format used for storing and saving documents inside Microsoft Outlook. The .ost files are stored in the local computer and the Documents that can be archived are emails, calendars, notes or messages that can also be viewed offline. OST files have the file format (extension) of .ost. OST files are also called Off-line Folders files.

Other OST Full Forms

OSTMusicOriginal Sound-Track
OSTOutlookOffline Storage Table
OSTComputerObject Storage Target
OSTMedicalOsmotic Shock Therapy
OSTMobileOn Screen Time
OSTSoftwareOpen Source Threat
OSTComputerOffline Storage Table
OSTUncategorizedOrganizational Skills Training
OSTEducationalOpen Source Teaching
OSTScience Osmotic Shock Therapy
OSTUncategorizedOperational Stress Testing
OSTEntertainmentOriginal Star Trek
OSTJobsOn-Site Technician
OSTGovernmentOuter Space Treaty
OSTGeo.Ocean Surface Temperature
OSTRouteOld Spanish Trail
OSTUncategorizedOrbiter Support Trolley
OSTSoftwareOpen Standards Terminal
OSTGeographyOrdinary Spring Tide

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