OSD Full Form, What Does OSD Mean?

Full FormOfficer on Special Duty
CategoryGovernment | Service

The full form of OSD is Officer on Special Duty. OSD is a civil servant officer of the rank between Under Secretary and Secretary in India. This position is often used as the training phase for senior positions in the future.

Other OSD Full Form

OSDAlbumOne Shot Deal
OSDTechnologyOperating System Deployment
OSDMilitaryOffice of the Secretary of Defense
OSDDesigningOver Site Development
OSDMedicalOccult Spinal Dysraphism
OSDGovernmentOfficer on Special Duty
OSDSpeakerOutdoor Speaker Depot
OSDComputerObject Storage Device
OSDMediaOn-Screen Display
OSDPoliceOperations Support Division
OSDSchoolOlympia School District
OSDBusinessOffice of Supplier Diversity
OSDMedicalOsgood Schlatter Disease
OSDMiscellaneousOcean Sampling Day
OSDScienceOptimal Shape Design

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