What Is The Full Form Of NOS?

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NOS Full Form

NOS – Not Otherwise Specified

Not Otherwise Specified is a medical term used to record the disease when the recorded symptoms were sufficient to make a general diagnosis, but no standard diagnosis was made. The reason for the creation of the NOS was that it was sometimes impossible to separate experiences or symptoms into a single diagnostic category. It is often used in psychiatric diagnoses such as MD-NOS (mood disorder) and PDD-NOS.

NOS Full Form In Car

NOS – Nitrous Oxide Systems

Nitrous Oxide Systems or NOS is a company that produces nitrous oxide injection systems for vehicles commonly used in car racing. A nitrous oxide engine, also known as a NOS, is an engine system used to increase engine power by generating oxygen from the decomposition of N2O or nitrous oxide. The use of NOS is not permitted for general use such as on local roads, or highways. NOS was first used for aircraft engines in World War II.

NOS Full Form In Computer

NOS – Network Operating System

In recent history, Network Operating Systems were operating systems that had the ability to handle and access computer networks, sharing files within a LAN. Network Operating Systems were especially a mechanized operating system (OS) for routers and firewalls. Some examples of NOS include Netware, Cisco IOS, and ZyNos.

NOS Full Form In Units

NOS – New Old Stock

New Old Stock is never sold stock of goods that still appear to be new in terms of packaging. In the short term, these are called old stocks. This term is generally used in auctions.

There is another full form of NOS in Units which is New Original Stock. They are stocks that have never been used. They can be an original automotive part, a spare part. Automobile industries usually sell them at discounted prices.

Other NOS Full Form

NOS can have more than one full form. Below are a few examples.

NOSProductNew Old Stock
NOSComputerNetwork Operating System
NOSCarNitrous Oxide Systems
NOSCountryNational Occupational Standards
NOSDisorderNot Otherwise Specified
NOSBikingNot On Sportbikes
NOSServicesNational Ocean Service
NOSShareNew Original Stock
NOSInternetNasty Original Stuff
NOSNine One Six
NOSChemistryNitric Oxide Synthase
NOSCompanyNation Of Saints
NOSBusinessNow On Sale
NOSEducationNational Orthodox School


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