NCERT CBSE Revision Notes

NCERT Revision Notes – Revision notes are most often called the savior of the students, if one has no time left reading notes can get them a decent score. notes help the students in covering all the important points in the particular subject in less time. it can be seen that students who get good marks in their examination focus more on the revision notes more than the whole chapters, this is because the notes are easy to read, covers only main points from chapters, take less time to read, etc. but there is a question in many students mind whether they can make the best revision notes, so for that here we are giving you the notes of CBSE/NCERT revision notes to save the time of students.

CBSE 9th-12th class NCERT notes –

here we have provided revision notes for class 9th to 12th with pdf so one can download and keep a pdf of revision notes with them and can use it anywhere, anytime. NCERT stands for national council of educational research and training. ahead is the list of notes for class 9th to 12th with the subjects list.

Class 12 Notes –

  • class 12 history notes
  • class 12 geography notes
  • class 12 economics notes

Class 11 Notes –

  • class 11 history notes
  • class 11 geography notes
  • class 11 economics notes

Class 10 Notes –

Class 9 Notes –

  • class 9 civics notes
  • class 9 geography notes
  • class 9 history notes
  • class 9 economics notes
Questions Related To CBSE Revision Notes.
  • are the notes available here are good for revision?

yes, the notes available on our website are critically examined and then published so, yes you can rely on them.

  • do these notes contain all the points of the books?

the answer is yes the revision notes available here cover all the important materials and points available in the chapter and not only this our notes provide you the extra knowledge on various topics which are not covered in chapters, this is to help the students to get better conceptual clarity and well-acknowledgment.

  • is pdf available with the notes?

yes, you will get a pdf downloading link so you can download it for further reading.

Benefits Of Notes –
  • can be read in mean time
  • covers important aspects
  • short (in size in contrast to chapters)
  • covers only valuable material
Disclaimer –

All the notes provided here are made from the current syllabus guided by the NCERT 2021-22. The notes will be further recalled if there will be any change in the NCERT syllabus in the future.