What Is The Full Form Of MNP?

mnp full form

The full form of MNP is Mobile Number Portability. It is a process that allows users to retain their old mobile number while switching to a different mobile network. This service was started in India in 2011 and it is done through a donor-led system. In this system, the customer contacts the donor to obtain a Unique Porting Code (UPC). It is then sent to the recipient network. In order to port it to another provider, the consumer must have completed a minimum period of 90 days with their current provider. The port duration is basically 2 days, and the number is deactivated for 2 hours while it is in port.

Other MNP Full Form

MNPTelecomMobile Network Portability
MNPPoliticsMilli Nizam Partisi
MNPGovernmentMinimum Needs Programme
MNPMedicineMicronutrient Powder
MNPMedicalMetabolic Nutrition Program
MNPComputingMicrocom Networking Protocol

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