MIC Full Form, What Does MIC Stand For?

mic full form

The full form of MIC is Microphone. It is a device that converts sound into an electrical signal that can be recorded or transmitted. There are many applications for microphones, including live performances, recording studios, broadcasting, and telecommunications. A microphone generally contains a transducer element known as a capsule.

Types of MIC

Many types of MICs are used nowadays.

  • Dynamic Microphone
  • Condenser Microphone
  • Valve Microphone
  • Ribbon Microphone
  • Carbon Microphone
  • Piezo Microphone
  • Laser Microphone

Other MIC Full Form

MICScienceMetastable Intermolecular Composite
MICComputingMachine Identification Code
MICTechnologyMicrosoft Innovation Centers
MICMedicalMedically Induced Coma
MICGeneralMetropolitan Interscholastic Conference
MICScienceMedical Image Computing
MICMediaMade In Chelsea
MICCompanyMetal Improvement Company
MICEducationMary Immaculate College

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