MATH Full Form, What Does Math Stand For?

math full form

The full form of MATH is Mathematics. It is a subject that deals with topics of numbers, formulas, shapes, spaces and related structures. The word mathematics is itself derived from Ancient Greek máthēma , meaning “that which is learnt”, “what one gets to know”, hence also “study” and “science”. At first, mathematics was divided into only two categories: geometry and arithmetic until algebra and calculus were introduced in the early 17th century. Mathematics plays a very significant role in the fields of Engineering, Finance and Computer Science.

MATH Full Form

Math does not have an official full form. But there are some interesting full forms created by students.


  • M – Miracle of nature
  • A – Art of arithmetic
  • T – Tool of knowledge
  • H – Habit of problem solving


  • M – Memory
  • A – Accuracy
  • T – Talent
  • H –  Hard work

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