LOL Full Form | What Does LOL Stand For?

lol full form in chat

The full form of LOL is Laughing Out Loud. It is a very popular and common internet slang found on social media. It is used to express laughter in response to something funny or hilarious. LOL was invented in the 1980s in a pre-Internet digital chat room called Viewline by a man named Wayne Pearson in response to a friend’s joke. A few alternatives to this slang include ROFL, LMAO, LOLZ, and LUL. It was also included in the Oxford Dictionary in March 2011.

Use Of LOL

LOL is mainly used while chatting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. For example –

  • Person 1 – Hey
  • Person 2 – Hello
  • Person 1 – You know what happened to me today?
  • Person 2 – Nah!
  • Person 1 – I had to buy some groceries from the supermarket. When I was checking out at the counter, I realized I had forgotten my wallet and phone.
  • Person 2 – LOL!

Other LOL Full Form

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