Complete List Of Presidents Of India From 1947 to 2023

List Of Presidents Of India – The president is the head of the state(country). The president’s work is to supervise the overall functioning of all the political constitutions in the country. All government activities take over place on behalf of the President. All major policy and policy decisions of government-issued to his name. The President is the highest commander of the defense forces of India. The President presides overall political performance institutions in the country to work in harmony to achieve the purposes of the Kingdom. a candidate for the presidency post must get the most votes winning the election. This confirms that the President may appear to represent the whole nation. The bill approved by Parliament becomes the law only after being issued by the President admit it (sign it).

How many presidents of India from 1947 – 2021.

There is a total of 14 people who became the president of India. The list of all presidents of India is mentioned below with their time period.

  Presidents of India List

1.Rajendra Prasad1950-1962
2.Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan1962-1967
3.Dr. Zakir Hussain1967-1969
4.v.v Giri1969-1974
5.Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed1974-1977
6.B . d jatti1977-1982
7.Giani zail Singh1982-1987
8.Ramaswamy Venkatraman1987-1992
9.Shankar dayal sharma1992-1997
10.k.r Narayan1997-2002
11.a.p.j Abdul kalam2002-2007
12.Pratibha Patil2007-2012
13.Pranab Mukherjee2012-2017
14.Ram Nath Kovind2017-2022
15.Draupadi Murmu2022-
List of Presidents Of India

 All major positions are made in the name of the President. This includes the appointment of Chief Justice of India, I Judges of the Supreme Court as well Provincial High Courts, Governors, Elections Commissioners, ambassadors for other countries, etc All countries Agreements and agreements are made to the name of the President.  

Who Elects the President –

 The President is not directly elected by the people. Selected members of Parliament (Parliament) and elected officials Members of the Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) elected him. A candidate for the presidency posts must get the most votes winning the election. This confirms that the President may appear to represent the whole nation.

How President Appoints the Prime Minister –

When a party or coalition of parties gets the most majority in the election, the President elects a majority leader of the majority party or alliance that enjoys the majority support in Lok Sabha. Where no group or coalition receives most in Lok Sabha, The President uses his discretion. The President appoints a leader in his view he can get the most support for Lok Sabha. In that case, the President may ask the newly appointed Prime Minister to prove the support of the majority in Lok Sabha within the allotted time.

Eligibility to be the president of India –

  • He should be the resident of India
  • Minimum age – 35 years
  • Possesses the ability to become a member of the Lok Sabha

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