What Is The Full Form Of PTM In School?

ptm full form

The full form of PTM is Parent Teacher Meeting. PTMs are meetings between parents and teachers to discuss academic matters. Discussions are made about students’ behavior, weaknesses, and ways to resolve them. In general, PTM are conducted face to face with or without the presence of students. However, due to the pandemic, online meetings are also being conducted via Zoom and Google Meet.

Parent Teacher Meets are held mostly once in a term, usually at the end or in between sessions. On average, meetings last between 5-10 minutes, but they can be as long as 30 minutes for different students. PTM is sometimes referred to as parent-teacher interview, parent-teacher conference, parents’ night, or parents’ evening.  

Other PTM Full Form

PTMSciencePost-Translation Modification
PTMMovementPashtun Tahafuz Movement
PTMMachinePush beam Transfer Mechanism
PTMMiscellaneousPhysical Technology Model
PTMTechnology Predictive Technology Model
PTMHealthProgressive Tinnitus Management
PTMMiscellaneousPulse Time Modulation
PTMAutomotivePerformance Traction Management
PTMTechnologyPolynomial Texture Mapping
PTMAcademicParent Teacher Meeting

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