What Is The Full Form Of PPS?

Full-FormProvincial Police Service
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The full form of PPS is Provincial Police Service. It is locally known as Uttar Pradesh Police Service. PPS was established in the year 1858. A PPS officer works as a Deputy Superintendent of Police after completing the training phase. PPS officers are promoted to the Indian Police Service after completing 20 years of service. To become a PPS officer, one has to clear the state civil services exam.

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Duties Of PPS

  • Maintain peace in the state.
  • Investigation and prevention of crime.
  • Prevent smugglings of drugs, & trafficking’s.
  • Providing VIP security to the persons of great importance.
  • Directing Crime Branch-Criminal Investigation Department (CB-CID) and State Special Task Force (UP-STF).

Other PPS Full Form

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