What Is The Full Form Of NC?

nc full form

1) NC – No Choice

The full form of NC is No Choice. This abbreviation is used in railways when a passenger’s preferred seat, such as a lower berth or window seat, is not available and a separate seat is reserved for him. For example, If your ticket status is CNF/B2/46/NC, it means that your ticket is confirmed for seat number 46 in coach B2. NC indicates that the preferred seat was not available, so it was given another seat.

2) NC – Non Cognizable Offence

NC stands for Non Cognizable Offence. It is a classification of crime in India that includes misbehavior, mischief and public annoyance. A police officer cannot issue an arrest warrant for a non-cognizable offence, and an investigation can only be initiated by a court order. For a non-cognizable offence, a Community Service Register is filed instead of an FIR.

Other NC Full Form

NCComputingNaming Context
NCBiologyNeural Crest
NCPlaceNorth Carolina
NCPoliticsNepali Congress
NCInternetNo Comment
NCMiscellaneousNoun Class
NCEducationNational Certificate
NCTechnologyNormally Closed
NCPlaceNehru Centre
NCComputingNorton Commander
NCSportsNo Contest
NCPeopleNaga Chaitanya
NCChemistryNuclear Chemistry
NCLawNon Cognizable Offence
NCRailwayNo Choice

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