What Is The Full Form Of DGP In Police?

dgp full form in police

The full form of DGP is Director General of Police. It is a rank in the Indian Police Service. He is the highest ranked police officer in a specific state or union territory. He is a three star rank officer. The DGP is appointed by the cabinet. Police officers holding the rank of DGP can be appointed as Director of Anti Corruption Bureau, Director of Vigilance, Director General of fire forces and civil defense, Director General of Prisons.

DGP rank officers can also be assigned to central level agencies such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Director of SVPNPA, the DG of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), etc. DGP’s insignia consists of the national emblem over a crossed sword and baton. DGP-level officers wear Gorget patches on their collar with a dark blue background and an oak leaf pattern.  

Other DGP Full Form

DGPCompanyDigest Group Publications
DGPPoliticsDemocratic Progress Party
DGPMiscellaneousDrawn, Ground and Polished
DGPPlaceDynamics Graphics Object
DGPGeneralDewatering General Permit
DGPDefenseDefense Growth Partnership
DGPComputingData Gathering Panel
DGPIATA CodeDaugavpils International Airport
DGPMiscellaneousDepartamento Geral do Pessoal
DGPProductDog Gone Pain
DGPSafetyDangerous Goods Panel
DGPMiscellaneousDvali, Gabadadze and Porrati
DGPPolice Director General of Police

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