What Is The Full Form Of CO In Police?

co full form

The full form of CO is Circle Officer. He is a police officer of the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police. He heads the police sub-divisions in different states of India. The Insignia for a CO is three stars. In metropolitan cities, they are designated as Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs), while in some states, they are designated as Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs). A circle officer may also be referred to as a sub-divisional police officer.

How To Become A Circle Officer

There are several ways to become a Circle Officer.

  • Police officers for this rank are recruited by state public service commissions through state civil service examinations.
  • The Circle officer rank can also be achieved by promotion from junior ranks.

Other CO Full Form

COScienceCarbon Monoxide
COMilitaryCommanding Officer
COSportsCastres Olympique
COLawCorrectional Officer
COComputingCommitment Ordering
COLegalCertificate of Occupancy
COAirlineCobalt Air
COMiscellaneousCare Of
COGovernmentCadet Officer
COGovernmentContracting Officer
COMiscellaneousConscientious Objector
COMedicalCardiac Output
COTechnologyCentral Office
COPoliceCircle Officer

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