DOP Full Form, What Does DOP Stand For?

The full form of DOP is Director of Photography. He is the head of lighting and camera crew and is responsible for making decisions for the selection of camera lenses, stocks and filters. A DOP is a person under whose supervision a film, advertisement, music video is photographed or recorded. Subordinate to the director, he records the scenes under the direction of the director. A director of photography is also known as a “cinematographer”.

Other DOP Full Form

S.No.CategoryFull Form
DOPPsychologyDermo Optical Perception
DOPGovernmentDeclaration of Principles
DOPComputingData Oriented Parsing
DOPAcademicDumbarton Oaks Papers
DOPGovernmentDepartment of Post
DOPGeneralDirectors, Officers or Partners
DOPChemistryDioctyl Pthalate
DOPMusicDublin Orchestral Players
DOPGeneralDegree of Polarization
DOPOrganizationDakhleh Oasis Project
DOPPharmaDepartment of Pharmaceuticals
DOPGeneralDilution of Precision
DOPInternetDirty Old Pervert
DOPComputingDegree of Parallelism
DOPEntertainmentDirector of Photography

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