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crc full form

  1. CRC – Cyclic Redundancy Check

 The full form of CRC is Cyclic Redundancy Check. CRC is a code used in storage devices and digital networks to detect errors. Cyclic Redundancy Check was developed in the year 1961 by an American computer scientist, W. Wesley Peterson. It is built on the theory of cyclic error-correcting codes. CRC is very easy to execute and is ideal for the detection of error bursts.  

2. CRC- Convention on the Rights of the Child

CRC stands for Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is an international treaty formulated on 20th November 1989. CRC laid down the social, economic, cultural, health and political rights of children aged under 18. There are a total of 196 countries which are parties to the convention. India became a party to the convention on December 11, 1992. It is also known as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  

Other CRC Full Form

S.No.CategoryFull Form
CRCMedicalColorectal Cancer
CRCOrganizationCivil Rights Congress
CRCEducationCambridge Regional College
CRCMilitaryCamp Red Cloud
CRCSportsCanadian Rugby Championship
CRCCompanyCalifornia Resources Corporation
CRCCurrencyCosta Rican Colón
CRCMiscellaneousContamination Reduction Corridor
CRCOrganizationCommunity Resource Center
CRCGovernmentalCarbon Reduction Commitment
CRCCompanyCentral Reform Congregation
CRCOrganizationCommittee on the Rights of Child
CRCEducationCagiva Research Center
CRCPrisonCorrectional Reception Center
CRCCompanyCommunity Rehabilitation Company
CRCMiscellaneousCarboniferous Rainforest Collapse
CRCOrganizationConvention on the Rights of the Child
CRCTechnologyCyclic Redundancy Check

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