CEC Full Form, What does CEC mean?

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CEC Full Form

cec full form

CEC – Chief Election Commissioner

CEC stands for “Chief Election Commissioner”. The CEC heads the Election Commission of India, which conducts elections in the country. Usually the CEC is a civil services officer (IAS, IPS, IRS etc.). The Chief Election Commissioner of India is elected by the President of India. At present the Chief Election Commissioner of India is Sushil Chandra along with two Election Commissioners Anoop Chandra Pandey and Rajeev Kumar. Before 1989 it was a single member body but later two more Election Commissioners were added making it a multi member body.

CEC Overview

Full-Form Chief Election Commissioner
CEC 2021 Sushil Chandra
Time Period6 Years
Salary3,00,000 (approx)
Elected ByPresident Of India
Official Websitehttps://eci.gov.in/

List of CEC of India

Currently (as of 2021) Mr. Sushil Chandra is the Chief Election Commissioner of India. Next is the list of all CECs in India from 1950 – 2021.

S.No.NameTime Period
1.Sukumar Sen1950-1958
2.Kalyan Sundaram1958-1967
3.S.P. Sen Verma1967-1972
4.Nagendra Singh1972-1973
5.T. Swaminathan1973-1977
6.S.L. Shakdhar1977-1982
7.R.K. Trivedi1982-1985
8.R.V.S. Peri Sastri1986-1990
9.V.S. Ramadevi1990-1990
10.T.N. Seshan1990-1996
11.M.S. Gill1996-2001
12.James Michael Lyngdoh2001-2004
13.T.S. Krishnamurthy2004-2005
14.B.B. Tandon2005-2006
15.N. Gopalaswami2006-2009
16.Navin Chawla2009-2010
17.S.Y. Quraishi2010-2012
18.V.S. Sampath2012-2015
19.Harishankar Brahma2015-2015
20.Nasim Zaidi2015-2017
21.Achal Kumar Jyoti2017-2018
22.Om Prakash Rawat2018-2018
23.Sunil Arora2018-2021
24.Sushil Chandra2021-Till Now

CEC Full Form In Education

CEC stands for “Consortium for Educational Communication” in the educational field. Started in 1993 with the objective of addressing the importance of higher education needs. A total of 22 media centers are available across the country by 2021.

(To Know more check – CEC)

CEC Full Form In Intermediate

The full form of CEC in intermediate is “Commerce, Economics & Civics”.

CEC Full Form In Engineering

CEC stands for “Commonwealth Engineers Council” in Engineering field. Founded for the development of the engineering institutions, the development of engineers.

Other CEC Full Form

All other related full forms of CEC are mentioned below.

CECElectionChief Election Commissioner
CECGovt.Central Election Committee (India)
CECAgencyCentral Election Commission
CECCompanyContinental Engineering Corporation
CECMilitaryCooperative Engagement Capability
CECScienceCirculating Endothelial Cell
CECDataCambridge English Corpus
CECSchoolCollege Of Engineering, Kerala
CECCityConsol Energy Center
CECInstitutionCommonwealth Engineers Council
CECCompanyChina Electronics Corporation
CECGamingConcordance Extraction Corporation
CECCityCanadian Electrical Code
CECCookingCertified Executive Chef
CECMilitaryCombat Engagement Center
CECConsumer Electronics Control
CECCareerCareer Enrichment Center

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