UPSC CSE Mains History Optional Syllabus 2023

History Optional Syllabus Paper – I Paper – II

Complete UPSC Mains Sociology Optional Syllabus (Latest 2023)

Sociology Optional Syllabus Paper – 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF SOCIOLOGY Paper – 2 INDIAN SOCIETY: STRUCTURE AND CHANGE A. Introducing Indian Society: B. Social Structure: C. Social Changes…

UPSC IAS Psychology Mains Optional Syllabus (Updated 2023)

Psychology Optional Syllabus PAPER‐I Foundations of Psychology PAPER‐II Psychology : Issues and applications


UPSC Prelims Answer Key 2021 – GS(1) Paper

UPSC prelims answer key (SET-A) 1.c 21.c 41.b 61.c 81.c 2.d 22.b 42.b 62.b 82.b 3.b 23.d 43.a 63.b 83.b 4.a 24.a 44.c 64.b 84.d 5.b 25.d…