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Top 20 Gk Questions With Answers in English

Gk Questions in English – General Knowledge is a very important subject as it is the most important requirement in competitive exams as it includes various topics including History, Geography, Politics, Sports, Current Affairs and General Science and Technology. Here we have provided top 20 GK questions and answers in English to enhance your knowledge. […]

30 Indian women who were first in their field

Indian women who were first in their field – The situation with ladies in India has been dependent upon many changes over the range of recorded Indian history. Their situation in the public arena decayed from the get-go in India’s old period. but overcoming and beating all the problems, challenges Several ladies have served in […]

Complete List Of Presidents Of India From 1947 to 2023

List Of Presidents Of India – The president is the head of the state(country). The president’s work is to supervise the overall functioning of all the political constitutions in the country. All government activities take over place on behalf of the President. All major policy and policy decisions of government-issued to his name. The President […]

Indian States and Capitals With Union Territories 2022

Indian States and Capitals – India or “Bharat” is a country located in Asia. With a population of 135 cr. (approx.) India is the 2nd most populous and the 7th largest country in the world. There is a federal constitutional republic ruled by a parliamentary system. States and Capitals It is necessary to know about the states and union territories […]