British Expansion MCQ Questions

Welcome to the British expansion MCQ series of the learner’s anthem. this article contains questions about how Britishers took over India. These types of questions can be asked in competitive examinations so, here we are with the important questions of British expansion MCQ.

British Expansion MCQ

  1. 1. Who was the first governor-general of India?
    a. Lord Dalhousie
    b. Lord Wellesley
    c. Lord Bentick
    d. Lord Charles

c. Lord Bentick
Explaination – Lord William Bentick became the first Governer General of India.

2. In which year did the system ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ come into force?
a. 1840
b. 1834
c. 1812
d. 1824

b. 1834
Explaination – The Doctrine of Lapse came into force in the year 1834. According to this system if a king has no male heir of him, after his death the state would come in hands of Britishers.

3. Who introduced the permanent settlement system?
a. Warren Hastings
b. Lord Bentick
c. Lord Cornwallis
d. Lord Dalhousie

c. Lord Cornwallis
Explaination – According to this system the zaminars had to pay a fixed amount of the revenue from their land to the british government. This system was introduced by Lord Cornwallis.

4. Who prepared the system called subsidiary alliance?
a. Lord Bantick
b. Lord Wellesley
c. Lord Dalhousie
d. Lord Auckland

b. Lord Wellesley
Explaination -This system was prepared by Lord Wellesley. The agenda of this system was to conquer more states and expand British empire.

5. When was the fourth Anglo-Mysore war fought?
a. 1799
b. 1757
c. 1790
d. 1795

Explaination – The fourth Anglo-Maratha war was fought between Tipu Sultan and Britishers which resulted in the victory of Britishers.

6. Which system is also called the ‘system of auction’?
a. Permanent Settlement
b. Ryotwari System
c. Ijardari System
d. Mahalwari System

Ijardari System
Explaination – The Ijardari system was imposed in the tenure of Warren Hastings.

7. When was the supreme court established in Calcutta?
a. 1774
b. 1790
c. 1770
d. 1772

a. 1774
Explaination – The Supreme Court in Calcutta was established in the year 1774.

8. Who set up the Asiatic society at Calcutta?
a. Jonathan Duncan
b. William Jones
c. James Princep
d. Lord Dalhousie

b. William Jones
Explaination – William Jones a Sanskrit Scholar set up the Asiatic scoiety in the year 1784.

9. Who first organized the special police department?
a. Lord Cornwallis
b. Pitt, the younger
c. Lord Wellesley
d. Lord Hardinge 1

a. Lord Cornwallis
Explaination – The police department was organised by Lord Cornwallis to maintain the law and order. The police was the third most important pillar of the British rule.

10. In which year Awadh was annexed by Britishers?
a. 1850
b. 1834
c. 1856
d. 1829

c. 1856
Explaination – In the year 1856 the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was overthrown from Awadh in charge of careless rule and annexed by Lord Dalhousie

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