BOT Full Form, What Does BOT Stand For?

In PUBG or any other battleground game, you’ve probably encountered or heard of the acronym bot. So, do you know what BOT means, what is the full form of BOT? If you don’t know, then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you the full form of BOT and its related information along with some other relevant full forms of BOT.  

bot full form

BOT Full-Form – ROBOT

BOT Full Form

The full form of BOT is Robot, in short, it is referred to as BOT. BOT is a software program that generally runs automated tasks. They are also referred to as web robots and internet bots because the tasks are done over the web and the internet. There are different types of BOTS, so let’s see more about them.

DIY full form
GYM full form

Types of BOTS

VIDEO GAMES BOT – So in games, it’s an AI who plays the game in place of an actual human. The game bots are mostly found in multiplayer games such as BGMI, PUBG, Free Fire, and others.

CHATBOTS –A chatbot is a software that is used for chatting, such as online chat conversations, auto messaging etc.

SOCIAL BOTS – The bots that are used in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Social bots are either used for distributing messages, acting as a fake follower, or advocating for ideas.

Other Full Forms of BOT

S.No.Full-Form Category
BOT Robot Computing
BOT Bank Of TaiwanBanking
BOT Build Operate TransferBusiness
BOT Balance Of TradeEconomic
BOT Bank Of TanzaniaBanking
BOT Bolt-On TechnologySoftware
BOT Borderline Ovarian TumorMedical
BOT Base Of TongueScience
BOT Air BotswanaTravel

Faq’s on BOT full form

Q. What is the full form of BOT?

ans. Robot

Q. What is the full form of BOT in terms of Banking?

ans. Bank of Tanzania

Q. What is the full form of BOT in terms of Business and marketing?

ans. Build-Operate-Transfer

Q. What is the full form of BOT in Economics?

ans. Balance of Trade

What is the full form of BOT in the world?

ans. Build Operate & Transfer

Wrapping Up

So this was all about BOT and its full form. if you have any updates or suggestions regarding this article or any mistake just comment down below we’ll be really thankful to you.

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