Biology MCQ Questions With Answers

Welcome to the Biology MCQ GK Questions section of the Learner’s Anthem. We have provided Biology MCQs with answers for competitive exams in this post.  

  1. 1. Which scientist wrote the book ‘the origin of species’?
    a. William Harvey
    b. Charles Darwin
    c. James Watson
    d. Alexander Fleming

b. Charles Darwin
Explanation – Charles Darwin wrote the book named ‘the origin of species’.

  1. 2. What the science of heredity is known as?
    a. genetics
    b. biology
    c. embryology
    d. biochemistry

a. genetics
Explanation – In simple words Gentics is the study of heredity.

  1. 3. Blood component which makes antibodies is?
    a. red blood cells
    b. plasma
    c. white blood cells
    d. platelets

c. white blood cells
Explanation – WBC is the component who make antibodies and fight infections.

  1. 4. What is the role of phloem tissue in plants?
    a. to transport water
    b. to transport minerals
    c. to transport sugar
    d. none of the above

c. to transport sugar
Explanation -The role of phloem tissue is to transport sugar to differnet parts of plant

  1. 5. A device is being used to filter/purify blood of a person, what this process is called?
    a. dialysis
    b. chemotherapy
    c. sphygmomanometer
    d. glucometer

a. dialysis
Explanation – dialysis is a process of purifying blood when kidneys fail to do it.

  1. 6. AIDS is caused by?
    a. bacteria
    b. fungus
    c. protozoa
    d. virus

d. virus
Explanation – The full form of AIDS is ‘ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’.

  1. 7. Which gland is called the emergency gland?
    a. pituitary gland
    b. adrenal gland
    c. pineal gland
    d. pancreas

b. adrenaline gland
Explanation – the adrenal gland secretes adrenaline hormone.

  1. 8. Who controls the voluntary actions in our body?
    a. cerebellum
    b. medulla
    c. cerebrum
    d. hypothalamus

c. cerebrum
Explanation – The cerebrum or forebrain controls the voluntary actions in our body.

  1. 9. What is the scientific name of the plant ‘touch me not’?
    a. Hyacinthus
    b. mimosa pudica
    c. Chrysanthemum
    d. Phalaenopsis

b. mimosa pudica
Explanation – In Hindi it is called ‘chui-mui’ plant.

  1. 10. The full form of DNA is?
    a. Deribonuclei acid
    b. Deoxynucleic acid
    c. D nucleic acid
    d. Deoxyribonucleic acid

d. Deoxyribonucleic acid
Explanation – The full form of DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

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