BDO Full Form | What Does BDO Stand For?

bdo full form

The full form of BDO is Block Development Officer. He is the in charge of a specific block. Basically, a block is one of the subdivisions within a district within which Gram Panchayats are responsible for developing and implementing effective plans. These blocks are administered by a BDO officer who oversees the implementation of plans and programmes related to its development.¬†Development administration as well as regulatory administration are handled by BDO’s office.

Other BDO Full Form

BDOBankingBanco de Oro
BDOMedicalBile Duct Obstruction
BDOAgencyBarton, Durstine & Osborn
BDOScienceBig Dumb Object
BDOMiscellaneousBusiness Depot Ogden
BDOOrganizationBritish Darts Organization
BDOGeneralBund Deutscher Orgelbaumeister
BDOCountryBeresan District Odessa
BDOJobBusiness Development Officer
BDOMilitaryBattle Dress Overgarment
BDONetworkBinder Dijker Otte
BDOMusicBig Day Out
BDOGameBlack Desert Online
BDOGovernmentBlock Development Officer

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