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If you are looking for the full form of ATB then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss ATB Full Form, its meaning with detailed information in different categories.

atb full form

ATB Full Form

Full-FormAll The Best
CategoryInternet | Slang | Chat

The full form of ATB is “All the Best”. It is an abbreviation used in chat as well as in conversation to send wishes and greetings. All the best is used as “ATB” in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Synonym of ATB

  • Best Of Luck
  • Good Luck
  • All The Very Best (ATVB)
  • Wishing All The Best
  • Best Wishes

ATB Full Form In Cycle

ATB – All-Terrain Bike

Full-FormAll-Terrain Bike
Category Riding | Cycle

ATB stands for “All-Terrain Bike”. They are bikes that are slightly different from normal bikes. They are built to walk on rough, muddy, and rocky surfaces.

aTB full form in movies

ATB – All Time Blockbuster

All-time blockbuster is a term used in the entertainment industry to indicate a film that was very successful in terms of total collection or revenue and its popularity.

aTB full form in medical

ATB – Antibiotic

Antibiotics are medicines used to medicate bacterial infections. Some antibiotics are azithromycin and cephalexin.

Other ATB Full Forms

ATBChatAll The Best
ATBOrganizationAutomobile Theft Bureau
ATBScienceAquatic Toxicology Branch
ATBSportsAll-Terrain Boarding
ATBEducationAbility To Benefit
ATBMiscellaneousAll-Time Best
ATBCinemaAll Time Blockbuster
ATBMedicalAbsolute Treatment Benefit
ATBToolAnalytical ToolBox
ATBCycleAll-Terrain Bike
ATBFinanceAfter The Bell
ATBPoliceAnti-Terrorist Branch 
ATBArmyAdvanced Technology Bomber
ATBMiscellaneousAll Things Beautiful
ATBOthersAutomatic Torque Biasing
ATBFinanceAlberta Treasury Branches
ATBServicesApproved Training Body
ATBBandAfter The Burial
ATBFinanceAlberta Treasury Branches
ATBCountryAmerica The Beautiful
ATBOrganizationAgricultural Training Board
ATBConceptAction Timed Battle
ATBGameAcross The Board
ATBMusicianAndré Tanneberger
ATBCompanyAssociation Tripartite Bourses
ATBMiscellaneousAtmospheric Tower Bottom
ATBMilitaryAviation Test Board
ATBMiscellaneousAged Trial Balance
ATBBankingAmsterdam Trade Bank

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