What is the full form of am and pm?

am and pm full form

There will hardly be anyone in the world who does not see the time when we see the time, it shows in am and pm, from twelve o’clock at night to twelve o’clock in the day am is used and from twelve o’clock in the day to twelve o clock in the night pm is used. Do you know what they mean, if not then in this article we will tell you what is the full form of AM and PM and what do they mean?

AM – Ante Meridiem & PM- Post Meridiem

What Is 12 Hour Clock?

To know about am and pm it is important to know what 12-hour clock means because am and pm refer to the time periods of 12-hour clock so, in general terms, a 12-hour clock is a type of time convention in which the day is divided into two parts, i.e. a day is of 24 hours and it is divided into two phases of 12 hours one phase is called am and another one is called pm. Now let’s look at what am and pm mean and their full forms.  

AM and PM Full Form

The full form of AM is ‘Ante Meridiem ‘ and PM is ‘Post Meridiem’ respectively.

AM Full Form

AM or Ante Meridiem is a Latin-derived word meaning before midday. AM is a twelve-hour time period starting at 12:00 am, i.e. midnight, and ending at 11:59 am, i.e. midday. For eg. When someone says it is 8:00 am it means it’s 8 o’clock in the morning. 

PM Full Form

Like AM, PM is also a Latin term whose abbreviation is Post meridiem which means after midday. PM begins after 12:00 in the noon and ends at 11:59 at midnight. For eg. When someone says 5:00 p.m., it means 5 o’clock in the evening.  

Why AM & PM Are Used?

Let’s see an example. If somebody says you have to get to the café by 8, it will be very difficult whether we have to go at eight o’clock in the morning or eight o’clock at night, that’s why am and pm are used.  

Other AM & PM Full Form

AM Full Forms

S.No. AM full form
AMAnte Meridiem
AMAddress Management
AMApplication Manager

PM Full Forms

S.No.PM full form
PMPost Meridiem
PMPrime Minister
PMPost Master
PMProject/Presentation Manager
PMPrivate Messaging

Questions related to am and pm

Q. What is the full form of am?

ans. AM full form – Ante Meridiem

Q. What is the full form of pm?

ans. PM full form – Post Meridiem

Q. What does AM mean?

ans. AM or ante meridiem is a Latin-originated word meaning before midday.

Q. What does PM means?

ans. PM is also a Latin term whose abbreviation is Post meridiem which means after midday.

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Wrapping up

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