6 Indian Seasons Name in English And Hindi With Pictures

An entire year is divided into seasons based on different weather conditions. According to the Hindu calendar, there are six different seasons in India. The following are the names of the six seasons in English and Hindi along with their duration.

Seasons Name

S.No.Season Name
Season Name
Month Duration
1.SpringVasantMarch to April
2.SummerGreeshmMay to June
3.RainyVarshaJuly to August
4.AutumnSharadSeptember to October
5.Pre-WinterHemantNovember to December
6.WinterShishirJanuary to February

Seasons Name With Pictures

  1. 1. Spring (Vasant Ritu)

2. Summer (Greeshm Ritu)

3. Rainy (Varsha Ritu)

4. Autumn (Sharad Ritu)

5. Pre-Winter (Hemant Ritu)

6. Winter (Shishir Ritu)

Seasons Name FAQ

Q. How many seasons are there in India?

ans. As per the Hindu calendar there are six seasons i.e. spring (Vasant Ritu), summer (Greeshm Ritu), rainy (Varsha Ritu), autumn (Sharad Ritu), pre-winter (Hemant Ritu), and winter (Shishir Ritu).

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