50 + General Knowledge Questions For Class 8 With Answers

50 Gk Questions For Class 8 – There is no doubt that General Awareness is important. Not only does it help you score well in competitive exams, but it can also give you a better understanding of your surroundings, your country, and the world. That is why we have prepared a collection of 50+ most important GK questions about India and world for class 8 so that you can gain more knowledge and understanding about India.

50 Gk Questions For Class 8

  1. Who is known as the “Flying Sikh”?
    Answer: Milkha Singh.
  2. Which vitamin is found in lemons and oranges?
    Answer: Vitamin C.
  3. Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution of India?
    Answer: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.
  4. What is the capital of Lakshadweep?
    Answer: Kavaratti.
  5. Who discovered the law of gravity?
    Answer: Sir Isaac Newton.
  6. Khajuraho is located in which state?
    Answer: Madhya Pradesh.
  7. When was the first census conducted in India?
    Answer: 1872.
  8. Kolkata is located on the bank of which river?
    Answer: Hooghly.
  9. How many chromosomes are there in the human body?
    Answer: 23 pairs or 46.
  10. When did the Quit India Movement start?
    Answer: August 8, 1942.
  11. Who was the Governor-General when the Interim Government was formed?
    Answer: Lord Wavell.
  12. Atmospheric pressure is measured using which instrument?
    Answer: Barometer.
  13. When was the Environmental Protection Act passed by the UNO?
    Answer: March 1986.
  14. Who passed the Vernacular Press Act?
    Answer: Lord Lytton.
  15. What is the name of India’s only “active volcano”?
    Answer: Barren Island.
  16. What is the name of India’s first and only Railway University?
    Answer: National Rail and Transportation Institute (NRTI).
  17. Who wrote the “Ramcharitmanas”?
    Answer: Tulsidas.
  18. Who was the leader of the Indian independence movement and known as “Mahatma”?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi.
  19. What is the national animal of India?
    Answer: Bengal Tiger.
  20. Which Indian state is known as the “Land of Temples”?
    Answer: Tamil Nadu.
  21. On which river is the Hirakud Dam built?
    Answer: Mahanadi River.
  22. Who built the Jama Masjid in Delhi?
    Answer: Shah Jahan.
  23. Where is the National Dairy Research Institute located?
    Answer: Karnal, Haryana.
  24. When is Air Force Day celebrated?
    Answer: October 8th.
  25. In which city did the historical battles of 1526, 1556, and 1761 take place?
    Answer: Panipat, Haryana.
  26. Which state was separated to form the state of Telangana?
    Answer: Andhra Pradesh.
  27. Which sea is located on the western coast of India?
    Answer: Arabian Sea.
  28. Where is the headquarters of UNESCO located?
    Answer: Paris, France.
  29. What sport is the Deodhar Trophy associated with?
    Answer: Cricket.
  30. Which ancient port was associated with the Indus Valley Civilization?
    Answer: Lothal.
  31. Who was the first President of India?
    Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
  32. Which famous Indian river is considered sacred by Hindus and flows through Varanasi?
    Answer: Ganges (Ganga).
  33. What is the national flower of India?
    Answer: Lotus.
  34. Which Indian state is known as the “Land of Forests”?
    Answer: Madhya Pradesh.
  35. Which Indian festival is also known as the Festival of Lights?
    Answer: Diwali.
  36. Which Indian state is known as the “Land of Five Lakes”?
    Answer: Manipur.
  37. Who was the first woman to fly an aircraft solo in India?
    Answer: Sarla Thakral.
  38. Which famous Indian leader is often referred to as the “Iron Man of India”?
    Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
  39. Who was the first Tirthankara in Jainism?
    Answer: Rishabhanatha.
  40. Where was Gautam Buddha born?
    Answer: Lumbini, which is in Nepal.
  41. Who became the first female President of India?
    Answer: Pratibha Patil.
  42. When is Teacher’s Day celebrated?
    Answer: September 5th.
  43. When was the atomic bomb dropped on Japan?
    Answer: In 1945.
  44. Bhakra Nangal Dam is located on which river?
    Answer: Satluj River.
  45. Dhyan Chand is associated with which sport?
    Answer: Hockey.
  46. How many permanent members are there in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)?
    Answer: 5.
  47. Who started the Bhoodan Movement?
    Answer: Vinoba Bhave.
  48. Who introduced English education in India?
    Answer: Lord Macaulay.
  49. What is the largest state in India by area?
    Answer: Rajasthan.
  50. Which Indian state is known as the “Land of Seven Sisters”?
    Answer: Assam.

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