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Top World Gk Quiz Questions With Answers

World Gk Questions – Check out the most important World General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English below. World GK has been a very important subject for competitive exams, every year a lot of questions related to World GK are asked in the exams. So we have prepared a list of most important World Gk questions to boost your preparation.

World Gk Questions With Answers

  1. What is the largest mammal on Earth?
    A) Elephant
    B) Giraffe
    C) Blue Whale
    D) Lion
    Correct Answer: C) Blue Whale
  2. Which gas do plants absorb from the atmosphere?
    A) Oxygen
    B) Nitrogen
    C) Carbon Dioxide
    D) Hydrogen
    Correct Answer: C) Carbon Dioxide
  3. What is the national animal of China?
    A) Panda
    B) Dragon
    C) Tiger
    D) Red-Crowned Crane
    Correct Answer: A) Panda
  4. What is the official currency of Russia?
    A) Euro
    B) Ruble
    C) Dollar
    D) Yen
    Correct Answer: B) Ruble
  5. Who was the first woman to become the Prime Minister of any country?
    A) Angela Merkel
    B) Sirimavo Bandaranaike
    C) Margaret Thatcher
    D) Indira Gandhi
    Correct Answer: B) Sirimavo Bandaranaike
  6. What is the capital of South Korea?
    A) Tokyo
    B) Beijing
    C) Seoul
    D) Bangkok
    Correct Answer: C) Seoul
  7. What is the national bird of the United Kingdom?
    A) Bald Eagle
    B) Peregrine Falcon
    C) European Robin
    D) Common Pheasant
    Correct Answer: C) European Robin
  8. Who was the first person to revolve around the Earth?
    A) Yuri Gagarin
    B) Neil Armstrong
    C) John Glenn
    D) Valentina Tereshkova
    Correct Answer: A) Yuri Gagarin
  9. Which gas is responsible for the blue color of Earth’s sky?
    A) Oxygen
    B) Nitrogen
    C) Carbon Dioxide
    D) Hydrogen
    Correct Answer: B) Nitrogen
  10. Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada in 2023?
    A) Justin Trudeau
    B) Andrew Scheer
    C) Jagmeet Singh
    D) Erin O’Toole
    Correct Answer: A) Justin Trudeau
  11. Which is the highest mountain in Africa?
    A) Kilimanjaro
    B) Mount Elbrus
    C) Mount Kenya
    D) Atlas Mountains
    Correct Answer: A) Kilimanjaro
  12. Who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize?
    A) Marie Curie
    B) Mother Teresa
    C) Malala Yousafzai
    D) Rosalind Franklin
    Correct Answer: A) Marie Curie
  13. Which is the national bird of India?
    A) Peacock
    B) Sparrow
    C) Eagle
    D) Pigeon
    Correct Answer: A) Peacock
  14. What is the national animal of Australia?
    A) Kangaroo
    B) Koala
    C) Emu
    D) Platypus
    Correct Answer: A) Kangaroo
  15. What is the chemical symbol of potassium?
    A) K
    B) P
    C) Pt
    D) Kr
    Correct Answer: A) K
  16. Who has written the book “War and Peace”?
    A) Leo Tolstoy
    B) F. Scott Fitzgerald
    C) Charles Dickens
    D) Jane Austen
    Correct Answer: A) Leo Tolstoy
  17. Which is the driest desert in the world?
    A) Sahara Desert
    B) Atacama Desert
    C) Gobi Desert
    D) Arabian Desert
    Correct Answer: B) Atacama Desert
  18. Which city is known as the “City of Seven Hills”?
    A) Rome
    B) Istanbul
    C) Athens
    D) Lisbon
    Correct Answer: A) Rome
  19. Which country is known as the “Land of Thousand Lakes”?
    A) Canada
    B) Sweden
    C) Finland
    D) Norway
    Correct Answer: C) Finland
  20. What is the name of the largest moon of Saturn?
    A) Europa
    B) Titan
    C) Io
    D) Ganymede
    Correct Answer: B) Titan

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