Friday 2 September 2022

BCD Full Form, What Does BCD Stand For?

bcd full form

The full form of BCD is Binary Coded Decimal. It is a method that represents decimal numbers in binary form. Decimal numbers have a fixed number of bits associated with them, usually four or eight. BCD was used in decimal computers, as well as in the IBM System/360 series, VAX, the Burroughs B1700, and the Motorola 68000-series processors. However, BCD is no longer as widely used as it used to be.

Other BCD Full Form

BCDMilitaryBritish Columbia Dragoons
BCDPlaceBeirut Central District
BCDEducationBoard Certified Diplomate
BCDSportsBasnahira Cricket Dundee
BCDComputingBoot Configuration Data
BCDMiscellaneousBid Closing Date
BCDGeneralBolt Circle Diameter
BCDLegalBasic Customs Duty
BCDMiscellaneousBehind Closed Doors
BCDMeasurementBarrels per Calendar Day
BCDEducationBerkshire Country Day
BCDMiscellaneousBuoyancy Control Device
BCDPoliticsBelarusian Christian Democracy
BCDMilitaryBad Conduct Discharge
BCDComputingBinary Coded Decimal