Friday 26 August 2022

Five Fingers Name In English With Pictures

5 fingers name

We all have got five fingers in each hand. But do you know the name of these fingers? You won’t have to worry, we will tell you the names of our Five Fingers With Pictures in this article.  

Five Fingers Name

S.No.Finger ImageFinger Name
2.Index Finger
3.Middle Finger
4.Ring Finger
5.Little Finger

Fingers Name FAQ’s

Q. What is The Name of Our Five Fingers?

The Names of our Five Fingers are Thumb, Index Finger, Middle Finger, Ring Finger and Little or Pinky Finger.

Q. What is The Another Name of Little Finger?

The little finger is sometimes also called as Pinkie or Pinky Finger.

Q. What is The Another Name of The Middle Finger?

The middle finger is also known as the Third Finger or Digitus Medius.

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